At Little Miss Moffitt, we create hugs disguised as cookies and bars.

We are a vehicle for appreciation and kindness and strive to exceed the expectations of every person who interacts with our products.

“I use wholesome ingredients and a whole lot of love.”

I was the kid standing on the chair “helping” my mom bake in my early years. As I got older, I baked and gave treats to friends when they needed a pick-me-up. Baking became an addiction…I mean passion! It really was for selfish reasons; I got a legal high over how happy everyone was to receive something homemade. My four taste testers (two boys, two girls) helped me figure out which recipes were home runs and which ones were not. They were brutally honest and were always happy to rally some friends for additional feedback.
The kids went off to college one by one, and I discovered the best way to send a hug was to disguise it as a dozen brownies or cookies. It was so much fun that I sent them to many of their friends as well. There is nothing better than having your phone blow up with the sweetest and most grateful texts from kids studying for their mid terms or finals!

 Next thing you know, my daughter called me one morning and told me I needed to LIKE my Facebook page ( My other daughter texted me the login credentials for my Instagram account (@littlemiss.moffitt). My business was born and orders began flying in. Then my son left for boot camp. For 13 weeks we could only write; no phones were allowed. I wrote him every day (poor kid) and I tried my best to remind him in every letter that he was stronger than he knew. That he was capable of more than he realized. That I knew he could do it. He made it. And along the way I realized that my message to him was as much to myself. Check out this interview on NBC10 Philadelphia where we share more about the transition from the corporate world to being an entrepreneur.

 I love that Little Miss Moffitt products are a vehicle to say thank you to a dear friend and can set you apart from your competition when given as a corporate gift. They can brighten a workday lunch, accompany coffee and a good book, and make a difference in someone’s day. I bake with my heart and people say they can tell. I use wholesome ingredients and a whole lot of love. The result is pure decadence that will make your taste buds beg for more. And there’s no judgment here. If you want to pretend you’re only going to eat one lemon bar, then inadvertently devour four, knock your socks off. This is a safe place, and all are welcome. XO